At Guide, we strive to upgrade your quality of life by creating an unmatched real estate experience. We are more than loyal advocates and trusted advisors — we are savvy professionals equipped with the expert knowledge needed to exceed your expectations. With anchors in empathy and transparency, we do what it takes to provide the high-touch, value-driven representation you deserve.

We’re shaking up the industry by continually engaging in and leading courses, mentorships, and learning opportunities to elevate our offerings. Our mission is to give buyers, sellers, and agents the tools to make better decisions. At Guide, we pride ourselves on being able to offer an Ivy League-quality real estate education. Backed by the latest strategies, comprehensive market knowledge, and our unrivaled industry reputation, we have an edge in successfully navigating today’s dynamic real estate market. 

The Guide team is passionate about providing transparent and dedicated service to help you reach any real estate summit. That passion extends beyond the transaction to our community: Since 2019, we have donated countless hours and more than $100,000 to local charities. Real estate is about uplifting everyone.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a studied seller, or looking to invest in that perfect luxury property, come and experience Guide’s brand of client-centric care and incomparable expertise. We’ve got the journey mapped out for you. All you have to do is follow our lead.



Guide Real Estate’s mission is to provide our clients with world-class service and market-leading expertise to ensure all transactions are executed excellently. We empower our agents to learn, grow, and collaborate as a team to accomplish our goals and best support the people and communities we serve. Guide believes personal growth and authentic community connection are crucial pieces to agent success. We value giving back to the communities in which we live and work.


Communication & Transparency

Our expertise is all-encompassing; we have the experience and the expertise to meet you where you're at and guide you to where you want to be.

We can meet you where you are, at any level or your real estate journey. Each agent is an expert on what they do, allowing them to accurately advise and communicate with a client in any portion of real estate. This is more than a snapshot; this is the full picture.

Collaborative community where knowledge is shared. We don’t gate keep at Guide; we want you to know what we know. Our leadership team is open and accessible, willing to share their experience and expertise. This is our policy for every team member at Guide, from the CEO to a new mentee.


Perseverance & Resilience

Markets change. Needs change. What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our ability to move seamlessly with these changes and provide the guidance you need to withstand them.

At Guide, we understand that markets are always shifting and so are we. Our agents understand what is happening in the market so our clients can be supported regardless of the current conditions. Whether you need to sell when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground or when in the hottest market Denver has ever seen, we will be there to guide you, support you. We work to make the challenging process of buying or selling a home easy for every client.

Real estate is hard: We know we must work with consistency and dedication not just for our own success but for our clients. This is not a part time job or hobby, we stay committed, even when we face challenges.


Client & Community

Our clients are our community, and our community is our clients. We are committed to improving the lives and wellbeing of every person we serve.

It’s imperative that our agents have the support and ability to help their own communities and the things that matter to them. We work to start a ripple effect for change: our agents are empowered to lift up their own communities, and in turn, those communities begin to see change and positive growth.


Fun & Laughter

We take what we do seriously - not ourselves. We foster a fun environment in which people can grow their expertise and be comfortable in their own skin.

This job can be hard and it’s important to keep things in perspective: take the time to laugh and enjoy the process. At Guide, we create a culture where we can come to work and be supported, gain experience, and laugh with each other when things get wild.

It matters to each of us that our clients are also supported. We want you to look at your transaction and smile. When things get tough, we provide the resources, support, cocktails, and cheesy jokes you need to push through. Whether it’s guidance on a contract or a midday break to laugh-we are there for you.


Our team is growing, and we’re looking for top producers, talented agents, and real estate administrative and marketing professionals. Learn more about our culture and team highlights before you apply.








Work With Us

At Guide Real Estate, we believe in lifelong learning, collaboration, and growth. We commit to being better tomorrow than we are today. Our commitment to being better tomorrow than we are today begins with serving you. How can we help?